In His Image-Genesis 2:4-25

“Now the man and his wife were both naked, and they felt no shame.”

-Genesis 2:25

God speaks, and there is light.  It is good.

God speaks, and there is water and an atmosphere.  It is good.

God speaks, and there is plants spring up.  It is good.

God speaks, and stars fill the universe.  It is good.

God speaks, and fish fill the water and birds fill the sky.  It is good.

God speaks, and animals appear all over the ground.  It is good.

God creates everything with his mighty word, and that the end, he stands back and admires his work.

That is, until, he makes Adam.  There are two distinct differences.  First, he forms Adam out of the dust and breaths life into him.  Secondly, he then declares that it is not good, and proceeds to create Eve.  Why does God break the pattern?

  1. I think, from the beginning, God is declaring that humans are unique.  Adam rules the Garden and stands before God without any shame.  He alone has God’s breath within him, and he alone was personally formed by the Creator’s hand.  Man’s creation alone bears the personal fingerprints of Yahweh.
  2. God also wants to be clear, however, that we bear his image in another way; he designed humans for relationship with him and with each other.  While Adam knows God in a way none of his descendants ever can this side of eternity, the Creator declares that man needs a human companion, so he creates Eve.  God crafts a beautiful blueprint for a relationship unmarred by sin.  In the same way that the Trinity consists of three separate parts working together as one, so a man and a woman in community with their Heavenly Father come together to form one flesh in marriage.

I feel so loved by God, that he so intimately creates us and designs the beauty of marriage.  In my little experience with marriage to my wonderful husband, God has taught me so much about what it means to follow him.  For example, one night I came home in between work and a meeting for a few minutes, during which I griped at my husband.  When I returned home, he had cut honeydew (my favorite) and decorated the living room with candles.  I felt so unconditionally loved and accepted.  And I worship the God who fashioned this relationship from the beginning.  The Creator of the Universe loved us enough to give us the gift of marriage when he created people and to knit it together perfectly.  Adam and Eve stood completely vulnerably before each other and before God feeling no shame.  This is what God wants for us and for our marriages.