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Even though we don’t yet have any kids, I am really passionate about homeschooling.  I spend far more of my free time than I should admit looking at free resources.  Today, I thought it might be fun to help you save the time searching by sharing what I’ve found with you!  At least that makes me feel like that time was at least semi-productive. 🙂

  1. This Reading Mama-Written by Becky Spence, a former teacher who now homeschools her kiddos, This Reading Mama has a whole curricula designed for letter learning and beginning reading.  She also has some some great posts on teaching writing and some worksheets for other subjects (although her focus is obviously reading).
  2. The Measured Mom-Anna, a former teacher and stay-at-home mom of 6, offers a ridiculous amount of free printables, including over 110 emergent readers. Anna sometimes teams up with Becky Spence at This Reading Mama.
  3. The Crafty Classroom-Valerie offers resources in three locations: Preschool Mom, Kindergarten Mom, and The Crafty Classroom.  Her resources include letter printables, emerging reader resources, and general early learning worksheets.
  4. The Homeschool Scientist-The Homeschool Scientist offers resources for … well, science.  Marci Goodwin majored in Biology and was a research assistant.  She now homeschools, and she has used her knowledge to create experiments as well as teaching worksheets to encourage science in homeschool.
  5. 1+1+1=1-Another teacher turned homeschooler, Carissa is the creator of Tot School.  Her printables are geared more toward preschoolers and toddlers.  Her kindergarten literature units are great, though!
  6. 3 Dinosaurs-Cassie at 3 Dinosaurs has created TONS of learning packs for preschool, kindergarten, and toddlers.   Each pack contains 30-60ish pages of activities, including math and English resources.  Cassie might actually offer the most activities for this age group that I’ve seen on any blog.
  7. Only Passionate Curiousity-Heather creates quality learning printables.  She also has compiled a HUGE list of free resources for homeschooling.  Her list includes sources for curricula.  It’s slightly overwhelming, but includes sources for activities and ideas for pretty much every subject.
  8. Not Consumed-Based on Lamentations 3:22-23, Kim Sorgius started a blog so she could homeschool her kids as a single mom.  She’s a former teacher, and she offers advice on teaching for homeschoolers, as well as encouragement and a few free printables.  Not Consumed is different from the other blogs in that it is more faith-centered, and not so much about printables as advice.
  9. EngageNY-This site is vastly different than every other resource.  It is a complete curriculum designed by the state of New York.  It is obviously designed for public school, but could be modified to be used in a homeschool setting.  Another downside: it requires a lot of teacher time, which might be difficult if trying to homeschool more than one child.  However, once again, that could potentially be modified by asking students to read the lesson themselves and then ask you if they have questions or cutting out some of the activities.  It is all designed to meet current acedemic standards, which is important to our family.

If you have any other resources or if you found this list helpful, let me know in the comments!


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